Compare Moto Waco to Harley Davidson of waco

Four reasons to sign up with Moto Waco Riding Academy, instead of choosing to take the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Class:

  1. Better selection of motorcycles
    • Moto Waco offers a wide variety of high quality entry-leve motorcycles to utilize, from cruisers to dual sports, to sport bikes, and even a scoooter.  Our goal is for everyone to be successfull, so we stock motorcycles that will make the class easier for you.  Harley Davidson of Waco only provides one type of motorcycle for the class: the Street 500.  It's a heavy bike to learn on, and the crash protection kit makes it hard to lean the bike with confidence.
  2. Better Schedule, less time, fewer days
    • Although we run the same curiculum as Adam Smith Harley Davidson of Waco, our scheduled classes require fewer days to complete.  We run the class in a two day window (excluding the Ecourse), starting most often in the morning at 7am at the Range in hopes of beating the Texas heat.  We end most days in the air conditioned classroom after completing the riding portion for the day.
  3. Smaller Class Sizes
    • At Moto Waco, our maximum class size will typically range from 4 to 8.  This ensures that classes with several students who are new to the riding process will receive the attention they need in order to prepare for the riding test at the end of the course.
  4. Less Money!
    • Texas caps the retail for the BRC at $235 for most sponsors, like us.  Harley Davidson is allowed to charge more in some cases.  Despite this standard retail, we choose to reun every day discounts that bring the price lower than the Texas retail.  Our regular retail is $230, and we offer weekly and monthly promos alongside our everyday discounts for Military, students, seniors, and service occupations.

Why Motorcycle Safety Training?

The top 10 reasons to take a motorcycle safety course:


1. You have a moped/motorcycle and don't have the M-endorsement.

2. You want to improve your ability to make slow, tight turns.

3. You want to improve your skills in braking and cornering.

4. You want to increase your self-confidence.

5. You want to increase your margin of safety.

6. You want to increase your skills to reduce your risk offset.

7. Ticket dismissal (approval by the court for on-cycle tickets).

8. You have not taken a course since __________.

9. Your insurance company offers a discount if you complete the course.

10. You need some time to bond with a family member or co-worker.

Resource Guide 2013 Motorcycle Resource Guide
Lists groups, gear, statistics; most anything you may want to consider as you continue your life-long learning experience!
Adobe Acrobat document [975.2 KB]



Caleb Sneeringer

Owner/Lead Instructor

Call: (254) 652-0274

Text:  (254) 652-0274


Phone Hrs: 6am to 10pm


Office Hrs: Variable


Range Location:


1501 New Dallas Highway
Waco, Texas



Classroom and Range are now at the same location!


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