alt="Riding a motorcycle down the road"
alt="Riding a motorcycle down the road"

Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic - $300

You Must Have Intermediate Riding Skill For This Course!

Lee Parks, a well-known author and consultant serving the motorcycle, racing, and motorsports industries, has developed this course and it is now available in Texas!  Cost is $300.00.


Total Control Training Inc., has been approved to offer a new license waiver course—the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC) in Texas. This one-day program is for riders who know how to ride but do not currently possess a motorcycle endorsement, want to improve their skills, or prepare for a Track Day. Riders in the course may have dirt bike experience, rode when they were younger and stopped riding to raise their family, or are riding around without a license—an issue in Texas.


You must have intermediate riding skills; this class is not a beginner class and you will be working on intermediate level skills.  You ride your own 2-wheel motorcycle (registration, insurance, inspection must be current), provide your own gear, and we ride as well as discuss/perform important skills that include stopping, cornering, swerving, and some slow-speed maneuvering.


The first exercise will test your ability to shift, stop, and make a 90 degree turn from a stop within 20 feet.  If you cannot perform those skills, we will refer you to take the 2-day Basic RiderCourse.    


There is a knowledge test and individual exercise skill evaluations you must pass to receive your completion certificate.  This completion certificate will waive the required motorcycle written and riding tests at the DPS office. 

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Caleb Sneeringer

Owner/Lead Instructor

Call: (254) 652-0274

Text:  (254) 652-0274


Phone Hrs: 6am to 10pm


Office Hrs: Variable


Range Location:


1501 New Dallas Highway
Waco, Texas



Classroom and Range are now at the same location!


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